Blink is a triathlon club that was founded in the fall of 2005. It was founded upon a desire to create camaraderie at local races, support local charities and businesses and introduce people of all ages and abilities to the sport of triathlon. When Blink was founded, it was intended to serve as an outlet for busy professionals to participate in the sport of triathlon. During the past 6 years, Blink has attempted to serve all different types of triathletes; however, it soon learned that each triathlete is unique and different. Blink realized that a triathlon club is not a one size fits all.

Blink was designed to serve a particular type of triathlete. It was designed to provide resources for busy people that have family demands to consider. Blink serves that triathlete by ensuring that it has the best gear and resources available for training and racing. Blink serves that triathlete by providing people to train with and to ask questions to. Blink is not about being fast or slow, it is about helping busy individuals continue to lead a healthy lifestyle. Blink does not require individuals to participate in any particular number of races (if any).

  • High quality tri-kits and gear
  • Discounts at local businesses
  • Professional instruction
  • Swim, bike, run resources
  • Camaraderie at local races
  • Happy hours and social activities

While Blink does make some group training sessions available, the majority of group training consists of 2-4 triathletes with similar schedules. Blink recognizes that everyone’s schedules are unique. Triathletes commonly find that their schedules do not allow for an additional 30-45 minutes per day to travel to, and meet for, group workouts.